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I'm a computer consultant providing support for homes and small businesses in the DFW area since '93. Is your computer slow? Need help with hooking up your modem or router, Internet cable, repair Windows and Office, install software? Get your computer up and running, network working, and get rid of pesky malware. House calls and remote support available.

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Buying a new computer? Here are some things to consider.

For the most part Personal Computers are general purpose machines. However, PC have advanced in multiple technological directions and are now a little more specialized than they used to be. You have your every-day computer, which work find for many us, but tends to be slow and many things. Some are geared for work, or for security, gaming, social interactions, fun and hobbies. The needs for these more specialized computers do change over time and can be quite daunting or disappointing if you don't get the right computer.

Windows and Mac computers age out quickly. So, you must weigh the options of getting a more expensive computer that may last far longer verses two or more cheaper computer in the same time period. If you know which kind of computer you're looking for then focus those. However, if you're unsure of the type of PC your need then know that more expensive computers are likely to to have speedier component parts, making it more generalized, allowing it to play multiple roles.

What makes a computer fast?

What is it that you mean by a fast computer? Does it mean fast Internet? Fast games? Fast email? Fast graphics? Fast calculations? Fast windows? Fast downloads? Fast installs? Fast boot-up? Fast shutdown? Each of these things can have a speed of their own? I'll try to answer generally in order to cover the bases.

Hardware determines the potential of the speed in a machine. Next comes the Operating System (OS), which is likely Windows or Mac OS . Software is next in line contributing to the slowdown of a computer. Finally, your internet connection plays an external role in a computer's speed.

Hardware makes a computer fast, but it is broken down into sections or components that determine its potential. First is the processor speed. You might hear about such chips read full text of What make a computer fast...

What about Mac and Linux?

Other operating systems have been out there for a very long time, but they don't have the marketing power that's behind Windows. I'm familiar with a few, and I'll try to cover the basics: The Mac and Linux.

Mac's are made by Apple, and can offer the most worry free experience some computer users can buy. There is a catch, of course,

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How can software be free?

There happens to be a great deal of software out there that is available at no charge. These are usually called freeware applications. There is another kind called open source software. There are others that have varying degrees of "freeness" based on other conditions, such as being free for home users but not corporate users. How can it be that so much software is free?

Individual programmers and entire companies produce these gems for your use, without requiring you to pay anything. Even Microsoft does this.

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Is my computer safe?

There are, of course, degrees of safety when it comes to computing and surfing the Internet, and it greatly depends on what you do on the Internet and what you consider safe. I realize most people want total protection so that bad things won't happen to their computer, but the reality is that it appears to be impossible to completely protect your computer from every sort of attack.

But the good news is that we can do quite a lot to protect your computer.

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What do you do when Windows gives you a strange message?

Well, you'd have to ask, "what's a strange message"? Strange is a message that you may or may not have ever seen before but appears odd in some way. These are difficult to understand and are often unavoidable.

I had one of these stranges messages recently.

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